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Transparency and Coverage

Control Flow, Inc. is a registered vendor to the U.S. Government "SAM" with registration managed by USFCR.

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Product Spotlight

Control Flow, Inc. has designed, manufactured and installed a Heave Compensator System for the launch and recovery of a Submersible ROV.

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Product Spotlight

Control Flow, Inc. has introduced a new line of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves to compliment its Pipeline and Cavern Storage Valve product line.

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To our valued customers, suppliers and associates:

During this COVID-19 pandemic virus that is impacting our global community, Control Flow, Inc. continues to operate as a responsible Employer and a good Corporate Citizen in our community. We are following city,state and federal guidelines and CDC recommendations which are reviewed daily as appropriate for our company, employees, customers, their family and the community.

Control Flow,Inc. will continue to review and update our communications, travel advisories, and our on site-specific response plans, based on available information as applicable. CFI has already taken certain precautions to help keep everyone safe from the Coronavirus and any other viruses that impact employee health.

Here is what we at Control Flow, Inc.are doing:

Control Flow, Inc.Office and Manufacturing Facilities

  • Any Employee who is physically okay, but who has had contact with an immediate family member who has symptoms of COVID-10 will not be allowed to enter our facilities until both that employee and their family member have been medically cleared with a Doctor' release.
  • Any Employee who has had contact with a person or family member who has tests positive for COVID-19, will not be allowed to enter our facility for a minimum of two
  • Any Employee who has symptoms of acute respiratory illness (difficulty breathing) are not allowed to enter our facility until they do not have a fever (100.4° F / 38° C or greater using an oral thermometer) for at least 24 hours, without the use of medicine to reduce fever (for example, aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen,etc.) or other medicines to reduce symptom (e.g. cough medicine).
  • Initiating deeper levels of cleaning throughout our facility.
  • Communicating virus protection messages through emails, texts or postings as they change or become available.
  • Control Flow, I will continue to comply with federal, state, and local requirements as appropriately.


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CFI WesTech Government Business and WesTech Aftermarket Sales Move To Houston's Office!

Our California Office moves to our Headquarters in Houston, Texas!

 9201 Fairbanks N. Houston Rd. 
 Houston, Texas 77064-6206

 Phone: 281.890.8300
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 Email: sales@controlflow.com

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